High Efficiency Automatic Multiple Billets Cutting Saw and Logo Printer with Capacity 40 Tons Per Hour

High Efficiency Automatic Multiple Billets Cutting Saw and Logo Printer with Capacity 40 Tons Per Hour

ⅠProducts Name: Multiple Billet Automatic Cutting Saw ⅡProducts Appearance: Ⅲ Equipment Composition of Production Line Multiple Billet Automatic Cutting Saw compose by Buffering Aligning Table, 20 Tons Ingot Conveyor,

Product Details

ⅠProducts Name: Multiple Billet Automatic Cutting Saw

ⅡProducts Appearance:

8.Multiple billet Automatic Cutting Saw77.png

Ⅲ  Equipment Composition of Production Line

Multiple Billet Automatic Cutting Saw compose by Buffering Aligning Table, 20 Tons Ingot Conveyor, Multi Billet Loading and unloading machine, Feedstock Conveyor, Discharging material conveyor, Main engine, Aluminum Debris collector, Billet Sizing Machine, Discharging Ingot Storage, Stub bar Collection Rack, Hydraulic System, Electric Control System etc.

 Summarize of Production Line

Utilize Crane to lift Billet from Casting well to Buffering and

Aligning Table for Aligning, Slowly move to 20 tons loading machine , loading machine lift multi piece of billet up to Feeling Conveyor Roller, Feeding Conveyor transfer Billet to Main machine compress and cut off stub bar ,Discharging Conveyor transfer Billet after cut off stub bar, to Sizing Machine, after sizing be completed go to compress and cut off the end parts, stub bar and end parts fall into collector automatically, Aluminum Debris be collected automatically by collector and compress into blocks. Finished billet automatically transfer to storage rack from unloading machine, Stacking semi-automatically, Hand press-packing and conveying by crane. PLC will control the whole line, Human-computer interface digital input, euipped with Failure warning, Auto Chain Protection Function.

Ⅴ  Technical Parameters

☆ Machine Weight:12T

☆ Cutting Materials:Alloy aluminum(whole series)

☆ Main motor power for cutting:45 kW

☆ Total power:70 kW

☆ Range of Billet Diameter:∅90~∅280mm

☆ Saw blade rotate speed 1700r/min.

☆ Incision width: Billet thickness+1mm

☆ Cutting surface roughness:≤30ɥm

☆ Cutting inclination:≤1/100mm

☆ Stub Bar Cutting length:100-150㎜

☆ Continuous cutting speed:≤60second/5pcs(∅120*6000)

☆ Roller bed conveying speed:25m/min(adjustable)

☆ Sizing length:4500-6000mm,Sizing machine effective travel 1500mm(customized)

☆ Sizing Accuracy: ±2

☆ Billet Cutting Length:Max 7500㎜。

☆ Cutting Noise:<150dB(A)。

☆ Near-dry Oil fog lubrication device, using vegetalitas cutting oil 。

☆ Diameter of Cutting Blade:Diameter 900mm and 950mm are both available。

☆ PLC control system, Human-machine interface digital input。

☆ Control method:Manual and Automatic 。

☆ Power Supply:Three phases 380V;50Hz。

☆ Gas supply:Compressed air, pressure not less than 8kgs。

☆ Billet convey track width:700mm。

☆ Cutting quantity:∅120mm 5pcs by one cut,90mm 7pcs by one cut, 150mm 4pcs by one cut,280mm 2 pcs by one cut.

☆ Cutting Capacity: 40Tons to 50Tons per hour.

Ⅵ Time limit for a project

60 days after signed contract, ready for shipment and installation.

Ⅶ Design and Fabrication standard. process and regulation

The company will adopt a national standard (GB), the mechanical (original) (JB) standards for manufacturing, testing and packaging. All components at home and abroad by our company execute corresponding national professional, industry, or enterprise standards.

7.1 Design.Fabricaiton.Experiment.Packing Standards.

GB/T 3766    General technical conditions in the hydraulic system

GB/T 5266    Machine tool electrical equipment general technical conditions

GB/T 7935     General technical conditions of hydraulic components

GB/T 4879    Rustproof packaging 

GB/T 191     Packaging graphic symbol    

JB/T 3818    Hydraulic technology conditions  

7.2 All screw, bolt, nut and screw adopt the metric of GB standard.

Ⅷ Technical Service and personnel training

.Equipment design and manufacturing process, It’s able to send staff from Buyer to carry on the design review, supervision and inspection for acceptance of the equipment before shipment. Final assembly of the equipment before shipment and inspection for acceptance in accordance with the requirements of drawings and the equipment acceptance of the product outline.

Ⅸ Acceptance procedure and content

Acceptance standard:

1、according to the national or industrial standards

2、the provisions of this technical agreement of technical parameters

3、can satisfy the normal production of cutting requirements, does not affect the production rhythm.。

Acceptance time:

Equipment delivery within one month of execution

Ⅹ After sales Service

1. During the installation and debugging after-sales service

1)Our factory in site general representative, comprehensive handle relevant matters. Equipment arrived at the site, unpacking, inspection, delivery of goods, and make out of the delivery acceptance records.。

2)Found during the installation and debugging, timely and accurate processing of all kinds of quality problems, to belong to our factory parts quality problem, our factory bear all the responsibility and the costs of processing quality problem, does not belong to quality problem, our factory will actively assist and cooperate to handle. Try my best to meet the requirements of installation and commissioning schedule.。

3)During the commissioning process for service, according to the field test of the test outline, responsible for the result of the test.。

2. After-sales service quality guarantee period

1)This equipment quality guarantee period for the acceptance within 12 months。

2) Actively deal with buyer's quality information feedback. Equipment appear quality problem, within 24 hours to the scene to deal with. Free to deal with quality problems, the implementation of three packs of service, provide the necessary repair, replacement parts and fill in.。

3) On the purchased components, responsible for feedback quality information to form a complete set of purchased components manufacturer, request service. If quality problems, urged the supporting manufacturers timely sent to the scene.

4) The quality guarantee period provides a electric and hydraulic system optimization service。

3. During the running of equipment after-sales service

1)After the warranty period, our factory should also be in line with the attitude of responsible for the user, regular users visit, solicit opinions from the users, deal with the problem raised by users, to understand the needs of the user. Provide the spare parts according to user's requirements.

Actively deal with buyer's feedback. Equipment problems arise, our factory shall guarantee to the scene within 24 hours, to provide the best service (except holidays).

2) Need spare parts for buyer guarantee at preferential prices and the fastest delivery time, so that the equipment normal operation.

3) Equipment overhaul and other problems, our factory is willing to provide repair services, and other technical support.

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