Multiple Billets Easy and Speedy Conveying and Cutting by Automatic Cutting Saw

Multiple Billets Easy and Speedy Conveying and Cutting by Automatic Cutting Saw

Technical Parameters
☆ Machine Weight:12T
☆ Cutting Materials:Alloy aluminum(whole series)

Product Details

Aluminum Billet cutting machine, used for cutting long aluminum billet to sized length, drive by hydraulic station, run full automatically, match with billet heating furnace&extrusion press

TNC...text operation system travel switch positioning.
GNC...touch screen operating system grating positioning.
SNC...touch screen operating system servo positioning.
1) Hydraulic dual-clamp design, hydraulic clamp automatic feeding.
2) Automatic stodevice for saw blade fracyure and locking.
3) Automatic speed detective device inverter(optional).
4) Automatic height adjusting device(optional).
5) Length settings showing with figures,and the minimum scale will be 0.1mm(optional).
6) High-performance design with PLC circuit board,easy maintenance.
7) Text display or touch screen operation(optional).
8) Real-time display for machine message and troubleshooting instructions.


☆Cutting Capacity: 40Tons to 50Tons per hour.

Ⅵ Time limit for a project

60 days after signed contract, ready for shipment and installation.

Ⅶ Design and Fabrication standard. process and regulation

The company will adopt a national standard (GB), the mechanical (original) (JB) standards for manufacturing, testing and packaging. All components at home and abroad by our company execute corresponding national professional, industry, or enterprise standards.

All screw, bolt, nut and screw adopt the metric of GB standard.

When you start it ,the spindle is at high speed. It can cut two angles 45-degree  at the same time. Its cutting angle is very precise. This double head angle 45-degree corner cutter can cut material of MDF board/solid wood board / Aluminum Extrusions/Solar borders/Light Box/Outlet/Cabinet Edge etc.

Its cutting surface very smooth ,no glitches without secondary processing.

Its Applicable saw blade is alloy grain tungsten steel circular saw blades.

This cutter is high efficient. Its yield is three times than generally single-head machine.

Double head angle 45-degree corner cutter is easy to operate.Double saws start to operate and cut at the same time. Footing once time is to fix your material and footing again is to cut. After sawing , it can reset automatically . It can saw two 45-degree angles,it can save your half time.

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