Casting cold separation problem

- Apr 25, 2017-

Aluminum rare earth alloy die casting problems occur, the obvious feature is the casting surface has irregular, obvious subsidence linear lines, divided into penetrating and not penetrate the two cases, the shape of small and narrow stripes, and some smooth edges, in the External force may also continue to develop.

There is a variety of reasons for the emergence of cold separation, one is the two metal flow docking each other, neither completely mixed and there is no inclusion in the meantime, resulting in two metal flow binding force is very weak; Second, the casting temperature or die temperature is not enough; Alloy material selection improper, poor mobility; Fourth, the runner position is not right, the flow is too long; five is the filling speed is low, the injection ratio is low.

Aluminum rare earth alloy die castings do not have to worry about, you can use the following methods to solve: First, appropriate to improve the casting temperature and mold temperature; Second, to improve the injection pressure, while shortening the filling time; Third, increase the injection speed, Large internal gate cross-sectional area; four is to improve the exhaust and fill conditions; five is the correct choice of alloy, improve alloy mobility.