Melting principle

- Apr 25, 2017 -

The ignition point of the raw fiber, the heat of combustion, the flame temperature and the oxygen limited index and so on, have a decisive effect on the flammability, the spread and expansion of the fire. Some fibers in the burning at the same time, by the heat melting, like candle oil from the same fire source. It is burning, play a drastic relief effect, but if the melt contact with the skin, will cause difficult to peel the serious burns. Synthetic fiber melting problem, and cellulose fiber blended fabric, in the test can be done without dripping melt, but sticky scalding skin problems still exist, after flame retardant finishing, or in the synthetic fiber spinning solution by adding resistance Flammable, can make the fiber to achieve flame retardant requirements, but the melting point change little.

Eutectic and eutectic

The eutectic - refers to the eutectic point in the phase diagram, specifically refers to the eutectic melting of several phases to the point where the eutectic begins.

Eutectic - melting together.