Aluminum Slag

- Apr 25, 2017 -

In the aluminum smelting, molding process will produce a variety of by-products. As the main by-product of the aluminum industry, aluminum ash is produced in the melting process of all aluminum, which accounts for about 1 to 12% of the total loss of aluminum production. In the past, people regard the aluminum slag as waste residue and discarded, this will not only cause the waste of aluminum resources will bring environmental problems. Therefore, to find a cost-effective way to use and control aluminum slag, not only will improve the economic efficiency of the aluminum industry, in the realization of the effective use of resources at the same time, will also achieve economic and social sustainable development have an important impact.

Aluminum slag is produced when the aluminum smelting, some impure mixed metal slag, but there is a certain amount of aluminum, can be refined through the separation of part of the aluminum.

This technology is based on the study of industrial smelting waste treatment projects, and research and development of aluminum ash treatment technology and equipment, and introduced a set of mature aluminum ash [1] processing system, after aluminum ash separator after treatment of aluminum ash and no After the separation of cold aluminum ash can be broken, sieving and melting processes. Until the casting of finished aluminum ingots, which will be very clean aluminum ash treatment.