Foam Ceramic Filter Material Editor

- Apr 25, 2017-

The basic material of the zirconia foam ceramic filter is zirconia ZrO2. The temperature of the zirconia filter is higher than about 1760 ° C, with very high strength and excellent high temperature impact.

Cast steel parts are widely used in areas requiring high strength and elongation requirements. So the steel castings are very sensitive to defects caused by impurities. The excellent characteristics of zirconia foam ceramic filter can effectively remove impurities that lead to defects in product quality. The impurities are mainly composed of nonmetallic particles, slag, and refractory debris to improve the surface quality and mechanical properties of castings and reduce the rejection rate.

The zirconia foam ceramic filter makes the molten steel more evenly filled with cavities, and the molten metal has a higher turbulence tendency during casting. After the zirconia foam ceramic filter, the three-dimensional pore structure turbulence is finally converted into a very stable layer flow. The laminar flow is better for the filling of the cavity, thereby reducing the impact corrosion of the metal solution on the casting cavity and significantly reducing the reject rate.