Guangxi Province Sets Alumina And Aluminium Capacity Target For 2018

- Oct 07, 2017 -

China’s Guangxi province has set capacity target for next year. Baise City in Guangxi Province sets a goal for local alumina, aluminium and aluminium processing capacity, according to Shanghai Metals Market.

The city intends to boost alumina capacity to 10 million tonnes, aluminium capacity to over 2.6 million tonnes and aluminium processing capacity to more than 3.2 million tonnes by 2018.

Guangxi Province is a major producer of alumina and aluminium. Province’s aluminium production is expected to increase further.

In June, Baise Mining Group initiated the production of its Coal-Power-Aluminium Integrated project at Guangxi province. The project would produce aluminium with Al content as high as over 99.99 per cent.