How To Achieve Jaw Crusher Crushing Operations

- Apr 25, 2017 -

 Jaw crusher is widely used in mining, building materials and other industries in the rough and broken, from the advent of now has 100 years of history. At the beginning is the brief structure, but the structure is not very reasonable, and the equipment is relatively bulky, low efficiency, not very popular. With the progress of technology, jaw crusher continuous improvement, there has been a complex pendulum structure, the model than the previous device structure is simple, crushing force, while the material has a shear effect, good performance, put into use Fast to develop.

Jaw crusher in the design, the use of the crank rocker mechanism, the eccentric drive shaft, moving jaw, brackets are crank, connecting rod and rocker, equipment in the manufacturing easier, less cost, become the most A wide range of equipment.

However, the complex structure of the prior art is not perfect, there is a big drawback, that is, when the crushing capacity is large, the discharge material capacity is small, and if the discharge capacity is large, the breaking force is drastically reduced.

In actual use, in order to pursue high yield, often will be the discharge capacity of large, but this caused a small crushing force, the material size is very large, can not achieve crushing, because of this, jaw crusher to become a typical coarse Broken equipment.

Jaw crusher to the birth so far, although there are many innovations, but the contradiction between the crushing force and the discharge capacity always exists. If this problem is resolved, the crushing force at the same time nesting capacity, equipment crushing is not impossible.