How To Use In Order To Ensure The Useful Life Of Coal Gangue Crusher Parts

- Apr 25, 2017 -

The hardness of the material determines the wear of coal gangue crusher, of course, also determines the production of coal gangue crusher, so that the degree of hard material and coal gangue crusher parts of the life of a direct relationship between the user in the purchase of accessories The time must be based on the performance of the material to choose the right accessories. Decided to use the equipment used in the material, we have to control the material feed particle size, moisture content, of course, the moisture content of coal gangue crusher can reach about 20%, so that the performance of the gangue crusher can meet all the users Demand, and secondly we have to take into account the coal gangue crusher out of the problem, the material thickness is uneven when we have to stop the machine to see whether the internal wear parts to be replaced. Finally, we want to say is the coal gangue crusher parts, if you want to use a good point will be able to pay the price, if the price of accessories below the market price, indicating that the accessories are quality problems.