Refining agent related knowledge

- Apr 25, 2017-

You will find the refining agent is a white powder or particles of the solvent, the main role is to remove the aluminum liquid and the floating of the oxidation of slag. By a variety of inorganic salt treatment in accordance with a certain proportion of configuration, at high temperatures is easy to break down, the gas is easy to produce with the hydrogen tomb, and slag adsorption capacity. Therefore, in many large aluminum manufacturers which will use the refining agent, refining agent plays an important role.

In particular, the widespread use of aluminum products in today's society, many small and medium enterprises for aluminum products, the performance requirements are getting higher and higher, corrosion resistance of aluminum products, plasticity is strong, in many bus pattern aluminum is widely used. We also need to understand the use of the method, the refining agent in the use of the process, you only need to sprinkle the agent on the liquid surface, quickly pressed into the aluminum liquid, and then after the full mixing, by means of a jet machine can be slag The.

For the refining of the relevant knowledge, you know clearly? The refining agent is mainly used to remove impurities in aluminum liquid, effectively improve the purity of aluminum liquid, and refining and solvent refining can be combined together, with good degassing effect. When we carry out the preservation of the refining agent, we must pay special attention to, can be stored in a clean and clean place, the use of the need to isolate the air, kept in a dry place.